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1989 ***** 8400 picker $9,900

Byron 8400 was just overhauled with 70 +/- hours on an out of frame overhaul. Everything works. We used it for seed corn harvesting which we no longer needed. Add a head and it will be a good runner. Total hours would be 8,900 hours.

    1989 ***** 8400 picker
Year: 1989
Condition: Used - Good


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Response deleted by author

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*****, you listed it as $1.6 million


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LOL your right well that don't beat all? it was suppose to be $15,999.00

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That’s a very expensive picker.


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Not with a new engine? I'm not sure if you've over hauled one but it not cheap. our 4055 ran us almost $18,000.00 but we have 155 hp with it

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