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iPad not charging fast enough on precision planting 2020.

I have my iPad connected to my precision planting 2020 monitor and am running yieldsense. The iPad shows that it is charging but the battery % keeps dropping. Any ideas? I have reduced my display brightness and this maybe helped slightly but still loosing ground.


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I had the same problem turn down your screen brightness.

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As with all batteries, they eventually become useless and won't charge or maintain a charge. If it is an Apple product, here is a web URL for Apple iPad Repair. If it is a device of another manufacturer, search the internet with the manufacturer's name and device type.

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We have had same problem dust gets in the usb port of the 20/20 take your usb cable in and out several times and should fix problems also you can use computer cleaner that comes in a cam and spray in usb port


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I’m assuming you’re plugged into a cigarette lighter. You need a better/more powerful adapter. Had the same issue and a quick change out of charger solved the problem

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iPads charger are 2.1 amp where iPhone chargers are 1 amp. More than likely the piece plugged into the cigarette lighter is not a 2.1 amp USB port. If it has 2 USB ports they can be different amps.