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Has anyone tried or is anyone using truck airbag scales on a SP fertilizer spreader with airbag?

Put a Newleader 4330 on my Rogator and was thinking about trying the truck airbag weight sensors to weigh the box....The box has a multapplier and it would solve some concerns I'm having regarding calibrating two beds when loading out of a hopper trailer.


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If you go this route be sure to frame up the box well or it can lead to the metal cracking out. Stainless is not so forgiving if it flexes.


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Have an air scale on a semi. Air ride trailer air ride tractor. Can't get the dumb thing calibrate with in 15,000#s either way. Truck wei...



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With the price or fertilizer I personally feel like investing in accurate scale bars would be a better choice in my opinion. But I’m also no...



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you can still get fertilizer? Wow. We cant get lime here in NC much less Fertilizer. Corn be 25 dollars when nobody can grow any


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Should work just as semi systems work


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