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Pumps for the FBN products?

Every chemical supplier around let’s me use chemical pumps for the totes. Do you all own your own pumps? Where’s the best place to get them? What size fittings does the tote have? 1.5” camlock?


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I agree with ***** and ****. We shop both FarmChem and Dultmeier. We are setup on 2" camlocks all the way through our system so it is easy t...


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Haven’t used a pump on a tote in 10yrs. Didn’t know guys still used them. Went to induction systems and don’t ever want to go back to pumps.

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Check Dultmeier sales. I try to keep some adapters on hand. I’ve found 3 different threads on totes. Most have 2 in cam lock so that’s what...


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Bought my own. Farm chem. 2” camlock.

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