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Has anyone leased land to a solar company? If you have, what are your thoughts and who did you lease to


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What happens when lease is up? I'd be worried of ground contamination from glycol. I know of one where they stripped top soil off and sold it. That farm is useless for eternity.

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I wouldn't even consider signing a solar contract without letting a lawyer that I trust look at it. They have lawyers writing those contracts. There needs to be a time limit on how long they have to do the project a clear end date and it needs to for sure pay you enough that it's worth it at every stage of the project. My lawyer tells me that he's seen a number of solar installation companies file...


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iam working on one right now about 900 acres of farm ground taken about a month of lease work changing adding this and that trying to think of anything I can 35-40 years is a long time if it happens but I made it very clear they put one panel up it’s all acres will be paid the land man said ok so will see

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be careful. Read the contract and think long term. I farm in the West where blue state govs love this stuff. They’ll lock up 300ac and put panels on 30. You get paid for the 30 but they’ll fence off all 300. I’m guessing there’s a fair amount of negotiating you could do. Here they take DNR ground folks have farmed for years and destroy it and the state doesn’t negotiate a reasonable contract, you ...