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Looking into different closing systems on John Deere Planter

We have a 1770 JD planter and plant into no-till conditions. We have ran schlagel closing wheels in the past, which we liked. Switched to Copperheads last year when we got a different JD planter and ran into issues with wet soils and air pockets.. So we are looking at different options again this year. What are people's thoughts on the Fast Trac system similar to Case IH system, *********, or any other options?


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Look into STP Prescription Tillage Technology disc openers, they are sawtoothed and don’t look like they would work..but they do. The compan...


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In 2012 I put on the Dawn 3 bolt hubs that make switching the wheel quick. I ordered enough curvetines and rubber wheels to run 2 of each or...


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