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Can I straight cut millet to harvet for seed

I planted millet for seed and I want to know if anyone has straight cut harvesed millet

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I'd recommend against it. I tried last year and I ran into the problem that by the time the seed got semi close to dry enough then the seed was falling off. Ran across a guy later that grows lots ifmmillet for seed and he told me swath it and let it lay.

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We hadn't raised millet in years but decided to put some in after some dryland corn was totaled out by hail. In the past we had it custom swathed and picked up but decided to direct cut it since we could do it ourselves. Only a couple places take it that are close to us and it couldn't be over 12.5 moisture. At that moisture it starts dropping seed like crazy and figure we probably lost 20 bushels to the acre by direct cutting it.

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