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Does any one have a shivers grain bin dryer and do you like it what are the downfalls

How big is the bin and how many bu per hour


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Iv had a circulator II system for 6 years with a single blue flame dryer on a 27’x21’ bin(~10,000bu) feeding a 36’x21’ (20,000)bin for dry storage. All together the system cost me 115,000 when you add in all the plumbing for the wiring and the wiring itself. It’s paying for itself and honestly don’t know what I’d do with out it. It will struggle with anything over 25% but it will do the job. Only...


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Ive had a new shivvers system for 10 years. The grain quality is always going to be better in a shivvers compared to a commercial dryer. We can dry around 700 bu per hour from 20 to 15 percent. 30 foot bin. Some downfalls- if something break inside the bin, you have to vacuum the bin out to fix it. Also every few years the floor will need pulled up to clean the fines.