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What do y'all use for drone image stitching?

We flew one of Sentera's PHX drones a few times last year over all our ground and we'd like to analyze the data we got. Sentera charges 25 cents an acre for image stitching, but we wanted to shop our options before moving forward with that route.

Sounds like this is something Pix4D Fields can do. What other services have you guys tried or heard of?


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I started with the free account of Drone Deploy then upgraded to the paid level. The paid side is high priced, but allows for very big picture sets and faster stitching. I really like their setup but wish they had an intermediate pay level. I overpay for the services I actually use.

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Pix4D fields for NDVI processing and such. In the field processing, no cloud data, quick and easy.

DroneDeploy, and precision hawk also work well.

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I have been using drone deploy for a couple of years and works pretty well and have been happy thus far.


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Great Question. I'm also looking for stitching software, or options for dealing with my data.