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How do you open bolls/ defoliate cotton?

Ever heard of quiver? Here in west texas we typically appy ethephon at a quart rate for boll opening than follow up with a kill shot of paraquat at 12oz with maybe some aim depending on the condition. Have heard that ethephon will be in short supply and high. What are some other methods or products? I am assuming the quiver is only a defoliant.


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We usually hit it twice about a week to ten days apart. We can get a freeze in mid November sometimes to kill it. Honestly we never have a problem with regrowth unless it rains a lot

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I cannot give you exact rates on what we run here in Arkansas on cotton but I know we use Thidizuron and Ethephon on our first shot then follow up 5 days later with a higher rate of Ethephon and Folex. We will add Aim when we have morning glory problems.


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Any re groth problems after the final application? We almost always have problems here on the south plains with it before we get a killing freeze but the paraquat and aim together seems to kill the plant. Do y'all even get a killing freeze when it is time to pull cotton?