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Is anyone thinking of switching health insurance.

This is for anyone out there thinking of switching to FBN health Insurance. We switched a year ago because it seemed like we would save some money. Not a lot but some. Anyway after a while my son had a skin condition and doctor put him on certain medicine and insurance denied it.

Then just before Thanksgiving my wife broke her knee and there are certain stipulations you have to do like notify insurance to see a specialist within 48 hrs. Of course can not get ahold of anyone over the weekend so MRI doctor wanted to do couldn’t be done yet even though we had traveled long distance to see him. Looks like they try to make everything so hard to do so they can deny you. I would strongly recommend not switching to their insurance. Looks like only way it’s any good is if you never get sick or need a doctor. If you’re gonna require being notified within 48 hrs better have someone working the holidays too. Accidents can happen anytime. Pay a little more and have insurance you can rely on.


Kat Rokhlin
FBN Employee

Hi Terry, we're sorry to hear about your experience. One of our specialists will be reaching out shortly to see if we can help.

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