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What is the best small purchase you have made for the farm. Under $1,000

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A cell phone back before you could get one for less than $1k

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Chemical e -ductor mixing stand, got it from ******** about 10 years ago, wouldn’t spray without it

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The EZ Dual Changer.

Bought ours about 12 years ago. We use the loader with this tool to lift tires from above and able to rotate them to line up bolt holes. I have done this job by myself many times and only takes a few minutes per tire.

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Yes this is the best !!

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Irwin Vice-Grip locking wrench 7 " from Sears. Item # 901-7873710RS Model 586-7LW It has a different type jaws and is a go to tool where vice grips are appropriate. I wouldn't be without it.

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Milwaukee cordless 1/2" impact wrench

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Amen very good investment

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Converted everything to Milwaukee! Hardly ever use air tools anymore on my service truck.

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They are great

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Battery powered grease gun. Amen to the battery powered impact wrench

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Definitely my snap-on battery powered impact guns. 3/8s and 1/2 inch. Saves so much work.

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Air options inc. dryer for our shop air. I also have the automatic drain for tank and the dryer. They work awesome!

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Gas powered air compressor.

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DEWALT 1/2" battery powered impact. Worth its weight in silver!

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Definitely the Milwaukee 1/2” impact.

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1. 1/2 in cordless impact

2. G gun grease gun

3. Hydraulic hose machine

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Milwaukee 1400 ft/lb cordless impact absolutely the best purchase I’ve made this year ! It also helps with building skills like extracting broken bolts and sharpening my foul language vocabulary haha !

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Little giant extension ladder w the collapsable scaffolding and ladder platforms. Extremely stable and multifunctional.

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Marriage License $50

Free grain cart driver, book keeper.

Fringe benefits ain’t bad either.

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Your lucky, I didn't get the grain cart driver or bookkeeper, on a good day I might get some parts picked up, or a meal. The house is clean, and there's no Monday morning quarterbacking, take what I can get!

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Definitely milwaukee cordless tools.

1/2 " impact


Weed trimmer

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Book keeping software to track income and expenses calculate payroll and taxes

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This lift table has been a lifesaver in our shop. Got something heavy that needs to go in a pickup bed? Lift it up with the table and slide it in. Need an adjustable stand to hold some steel while doing fabrication? This does the trick. Shoot, this week we used it for a step stool on a combine to get up higher on the machine to change out rotor covers. Don't get the Harbor Freight or Northern Tool version though. They don't hold up like these from U-Line.

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Definitely our dewalt automatic grease gun it has cut greasing time in half

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Milwaukee cordless pump. While it doesn't claim to be rated for oil, I haven't poured out of a 5 gal. bucket since I bought it!

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$950 pull-type sprayer. It saved $4000 the first year so I got a nice Hardy the next year. 10 years later the Hardy isn’t worth anything.

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Bucsh light till it stops raining

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