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What do you guys do for field level profitability tracking with different scenarios?

I know there are a handful of options out there for tracking inputs/revenues at the field level, but I'd also like to be able to flip back and forth and view the impact the MFP payment and any crop insurance payments had on each field.

Is there software out there that has this flexibility? Or do you guys have any spreadsheet templates you wouldn't mind sharing? It shouldn't be too hard to make this in Excel or Google Sheets but I'm guessing the challenging part will be neatly displaying and communicating the information.

Someday I'd like to really go nuts and incorporate our yield history/APH and our annual weighted average cash price to figure out probabilities of each revenue level. But HedgeCommand will probably do that for us before too long! haha


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I just signed up with a company called HarvestProfit run by **********. It will track different entities down to the field level and allow you to factor in the options you were looking for.

I am just getting started with the software but it looks to be very user friendly and valuable information with instantanious feedback. He offers a 14 day free trail give it a look.


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