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FBN Farmland Poll

Thank you to all FBNers who responded to our text poll on Thursday.

The question we asked was:

In the next year, are you trying to buy farmland?


B: No, prices are too high

C: No, interest rates are too high

D: No, I'm selling

E: No, not expanding

As a side note, this poll was FBN's biggest ever getting nearly 4,000 responses vs previous high responses of 3,300.

The results show that over a third of farmers are looking to buy farmland, with only 2% looking to sell. Land prices are a big constraint on why they are not buying followed by interest rates.

    FBN Farmland Poll



B: No, Prices Are Too High


C: No, Interest Rates Are Too High


D: No, I'm Selling


E: No, Not Interested


3867 votes


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Could you correlate the colors on the map to what people are doing? Maybe Im missing it, but I can't tell what Red, Yellow, Green represent...



Verified FBN Member (TN)

Its on the left edge of the map page

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