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Has anyone had any luck overseeding a tired alfalfa stand with triticale in the early fall?

It would be grazed in the winter and then chopped or baled in the spring.


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The first time I tried it on a thinning alfalfa stand I planted about 50 lbs of trit seed, planning on chopping the first cutting and taking...



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I can well imagine that this method should work well.

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Absolutely! I do it every year. makes a lot of tonnage and good forage if made before head emergence.

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I’ve been doing it with spring oats with good success. I have quite a bit of triticale seed so was hoping to use it instead this year

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I have done this with both winter rye ond/or triticale the last couple years and had good success. we have done it both with good and poor a...



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Myself and some others in the area seed all out alfalfa to triticale each fall. Even in new healthy stands.


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