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Need more crop info for Ontario

Trying to look up chemicals, seed and harvest data that we use in Ontario and there is no information on them. Little disappointing I guess FBN isn’t to popular in Ontario yet. Also we’re old school and don’t use computers to farm.

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Hi there, thanks for being one of our early adopters in Ontario.

Nearly 200 farmers in Ontario have joined FBN since early September. As we continue to grow in your province, you can expect that our ability to provide aggregated decision-making insights will continue to improve. Once folks in your region start to submit performance and price data for the products they use in their operations, this information will flow into the transparency and decision-making tools we have built for our farmer members.

The best thing you can do to help build out the information coverage in your area is to contribute your own agronomic and price information to help power the system. Even if you don't run precision equipment, you can still submit past invoices and seed tags by emailing pictures to or texting a photo to FBNFBN (******).

Thanks again for being an FBN member!

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