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Cover Crop - Water way cover Cereal Rye

I'm in East Central Nebraska and it is drying out nicely ... With another warm weather week and No moisture. We are thinking about Getting the disk out and plant Some Cover Rye on some of our wash outs....

Has anyone done this or tried it in the spring ?? Is it worth trying?

We've done it in the fall and had great luck . Wondering if it would work just as well or not in the spring.....? Thanks

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Yea, im just south of York, it will work. Only question I have is why stop at just rye and the washouts, been fall/spring seeding/ spreading covers for years, seeing huge increase in organic matter and soil aggregate, many legumes giving me nitrogen credits, some spring cover mixes (if planted early enough) can be burned down before planting and utilized as nutrient storage... Helpswith corn stubble breakdown, and hold down soil erosion. On any soil But absolutely putting something in just the washout spots can't hurt if you can get in and get it done it will help a lot to get any root structure on your wash out spots! I've been looking around thinking another week of solid weather might get some tractors to the field to work on some ends and stuff like your talking. I'll probably start spring drilling whole fields of cover as soon as I can get in the earlier the better! I think there will be quite a few soft spots for full field work for another 10 days or so in my area... but doing your "worst washouts" can't go wrong! we always joke when you can't make it any worse than it already is then go for it whenever you can! Lol Good luck and be safe this year!

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