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FBN mobile maps

Maybe I just can't find it, but in the FBN mobile app, is there a map that would have all of your fields outlined, and then you can just zoom to the one you want, and click on it to view more details/select for entering info? Seems like j have to go through my field list and select the field off name only, then click it to view a map. I have way to many small fields to have them memorized.

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Hey ****, this is **** from the FBN product and engineering team. We don't currently have a map view that displays all of your fields at once in the mobile app but we are currently working on some improvements to creating and viewing fields that will be coming to the mobile app soon. If you're willing to share your feedback on what we've been working on I will plan to reach out to set up some time for us to talk more. Thanks!

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Yes, I guess what i am looking for is when you open maps, if it could use GPS to show you where you are with a dot, and then have all of your field boundries outlined. Then you could click on a field, it would tell you name, allow you to view any of the other maps available for that field, or enter any scouting/planting data, ect.

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I also would love to see that as an improvement! I have another app I have my fields on that does it but can't have the info like fbn.😀

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Thanks everyone - we appreciate the feedback here. We'll definitely be incorporating this in the upcoming work we're doing on the mobile app and website. Thanks for taking the time to share your perspectives!

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Also if you could show the higheat yeilding spot on the yield maps that would be a big plus. Also be able to do comparisons of yield based on different applicatiins would be huge as well.

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Especially if you can sort it by farm and select multiple to be "filled in" to indicate they are selected. I do this on farm logic and take a screenshot to send to the custom cutter to indicate what fields they should cut, and it tells them the field name and farm name.

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Hey guys - I just reached out to all of you individually via text message. We're doing some research this week on these topics and we'd love to get your input. If you get back to me we can schedule some time. Thanks!

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