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Quad trac rowtrac vs. Higher HP front wheel assist

So am i missing something, it really seems like case rowtracs of the same era and hours are priced quite a bit less than deere front wheel assist of similar hp. We are and always have been deere but wanting a new planter/grain cart tractor and seems the quad is a better value? Does the row trac take X amount of hp just to turn the belts? Ie: a 420 is really a 350 in deere terminology?


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Lug driven tracks versus friction wheel driven tracks make a difference too. . The quad track machines (green, red, blue) all have lug drive...


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A quad track takes no more power to turn tracks as the wheels. Need to remember all the tracks drive on a quad where the two track only driv...


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We’re looking at trading tractor for planter we just got, went from a 24row to 36 row. We looked into 2track Deere’s and our dealer told us ...



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It’s time to talk to another dealer. You will find that a two track machine in soft conditions (muddy) is near helpless. They will turn th...


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