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Quad trac rowtrac vs. Higher HP front wheel assist

So am i missing something, it really seems like case rowtracs of the same era and hours are priced quite a bit less than deere front wheel assist of similar hp. We are and always have been deere but wanting a new planter/grain cart tractor and seems the quad is a better value? Does the row trac take X amount of hp just to turn the belts? Ie: a 420 is really a 350 in deere terminology?


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Lug driven tracks versus friction wheel driven tracks make a difference too. . The quad track machines (green, red, blue) all have lug driven tracks. The 2 track Differential steering ones do not.

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A quad track takes no more power to turn tracks as the wheels. Need to remember all the tracks drive on a quad where the two track only drives from the rear. And yes the number on the case IH is its horsepower.

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We’re looking at trading tractor for planter we just got, went from a 24row to 36 row. We looked into 2track Deere’s and our dealer told us everyone buys the high horse power two tracks (9630T & 9560RT) because the tracks eat that much horsepower just to turn the tracks, so I got to believe a quad is the same way. Ive also been told case labels their tractors to what it’s peak horsepower is and De...



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It’s time to talk to another dealer. You will find that a two track machine in soft conditions (muddy) is near helpless. They will turn themselves into the mud once that track slips. As far as hp, he’s an idiot or being dishonest. Read the specs and you will have both rated and peak hp. Deere.has never learned that pulling from the center point creates a more balanced pull and handling under ...


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