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2013 John Deere 1770NT 16 row 30 inch $150,000

-2019 I put deltaforce, vdrive, 6 smart firmers, and speed tube on and clean sweep system on which runs off of my big John Deere air compressor

-Winter of 2020 I put on new yetter row cleaners, narrow mud smith gauge wheels, and disc openers (650 acres on them so far)

-The bar has roughly 18,000 acres on it total since I bought it brand new

-Ground drive system for in furrow fertilizer plus hydraulic green star rate controller for 2 by 2

-I got RK gauge wheel kits on plus I got the RK closing wheel kits to but haven’t put them on yet

-it has copperhead furrow cruisers for closing wheels (2019)

-comes with a gen2 20/20 system

-I’m putting brand new tires on to so new owner will have brand new tires on

    2013 John Deere 1770NT 16 row 30 inch
Year: 2013
Condition: Used - Good

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