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Tire machine • $1

Contemplating getting a tire machine. What are the pros and cons. And are there any out there for sale? Vehicle tires, truck tires and small tractor tires primarily Thanks

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Really happy with mine from Made in Italy I think, USA based can get all replacement parts for current machine. Neighbor told me his wished he had a balancer so I bought that too. Works well once I figured out how to use it. IMO your better off buying new than a wore out Coats. I haven't ran into a tire it wouldn't handle and I put some pretty stiff tires on so far. Local tire shop gave me a bunch of used wheel weights. The built in bead blaster doesn't work very well but I have a Cheetah anyway.

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Great thanks!

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We acquired an older tire machine about 3 years ago that came with a building in town. Is it handy? Yes. I can use it to swap East thing around or install new tires on trailers, implements, etc. There’s still lots that gets done at the tire shop in town, such as any real repairs. I think the biggest savings got me is the ability to shop online and have tires dropped off at the farm fir much less than I’d have to pay in town at the tire shop. I’m able to cut out a few middle-men in the purchases, plus I don’t have to sit for 30-45 mins before they even get started on my tires. However, it’s not perfect. I certainly ruined a few beads on used tires before I figured out what I was doing. Being a well-used machine, it has several air leaks and the functions don’t always work 100% the way they should.

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