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Has anybody had problems with any generic chemicals from fbn?

We used willow wood sulfan chloran last year in place of sonic herbicide due to the fact that fbn was almost 50% cheaper. We had a more water hemp escapes than what we've had in the past and just trying to make sure it wasn't the generic product.

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No but its important to consider proper surfactants and crop oils with these products.

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We did the same thing as you did with the same results. After I sprayed it , it did not rain for a few weeks and sonic needs rain to activate it. From my experience if it gets rain it a day or two it works a lot better. I don’t think it was the generic chemical in my opinion. I’m going to use it again.

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Had same issue several years ago spraying sonic, did not rain for 3 weeks after application. I now plant extend beans putting down 12-16 oz dicamba with 3.2 oz sulfen cloran and 3.2 oz sulfentrazone. Getting 2 weeks residual with dicamba and better control of water hemp later in season. Try and spray first part of May prior to notilling beans.

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Not yet...I believe it’s more to blame on the uncontrolled environment after it’s applied because the same can be said for the name brand from my experience.

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Hi mate I’m not sure what the testing is like in America but here in Australia if a Generic product isn’t up to scratch it couldn’t hit the market. All products have to be made to a specific grade if it doesn’t make it the competition especially the big guys would jump on them to have it taken off the market. We hardly ever use the expensive genuine chemical. If we can make it ourselves that’s what we do.

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I have used the Sulfan Chloran pre- emerge and it worked great. Had very few weeds escape. It rained within 2 days of application. We had 1- post application of dicamba 45 days after for clean fields.

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