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2011 714 13-Shank Disc/Chisel $12,500

John Deere 714 Disc/Chisel - 13 shank with 16.5 ft working width. Unit has 2-1/4" reversible bull tongue points, discs partially worn with cleaners at 9” spacing, spring reset shanks, hydraulic raise and lower front disc, Unverferth s-tine leveling bar, 10 47 KG weights, and 11L-15FL 8 ply tires in good condition. Full set of 4” twisted shovels also available. No welds on frame. Unit is in good condition and field ready. One owner, also stored in a shed.

    2011 – 714 13-Shank Disc/Chisel
    2011 – 714 13-Shank Disc/Chisel
    2011 – 714 13-Shank Disc/Chisel
Year: 2011
Condition: Used - Good

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