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Prefix post as only residual

Trying to plan for next year. Will be growing enlist soybeans. Here’s what I’m planning :

Pre herbicide around planting time with no residual

Post ~3 weeks after planting.......heavy rate of prefix. and enlist

Wondering if the beans will tolerate the heavy rate of prefix ok, and (most importantly) if I’ll have to come back with an additional burn down application. : Will this prefix be enough to keep weeds from coming back before harvest. Was using Name-brand pre and post residuals this year and many had to be sprayed again late in the season


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Prefix can be pretty tough on them. Used 3 pt prefix pre last year and they were decently clean, but wanted something a bit cleaner.

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We sprayed all our beans with 10oz of Prefix this year, that combined with the crop oil burned them pretty good but they came right out of it. It was worse when we sprayed during hot temps.