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What is the going rate for hauling grain?

Is it so much per bushel per mile. Is it so much just to haul a minimum distance and then so much per mile after that. What about longer waits to unload? Thanks


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Here North Central Illinois .16 to .18 per bushel per round trip. 60 to 70 mile round trip to either ethanol plant or Illinois river terminal. No extra charge if wait is longer than normal. Can be a few trucks out of southern Wisconsin depending on the bid’s but they usually stop at Rochelle ethanol plant or ADM rail in Mendota of off 39.

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Its hauled by the tonne here depending on back haul and not it can differ a few dollars, more miles more per tonne. I've heard of charges for long waits, only way they make money is wheels turning... Best thing I did was call around and ask a few company's what their rate would be from location to location..