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What is the best farm software for managing cash flow?

What is the best software for managing/tracking cash and working capital; Managing/tracking inventory (production, inputs, parts, fuel, etc.) Managing/tracking staff (hours, vacation, sick days, etc.) Managing/tracking equipment (operating efficiency, service, repairs, etc.) and calculating/controlling Unit Cost of Production?

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FBS Systems *********

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Can I get the program

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I run FBFM Illinois and Iowa. work great and the bank loves the heck out of the yearend reports. I walk in with that and the masternote questions are answered. But like anything its only as good as your field agent. EC Illinois location

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I’m a farmer in eastern Colorado, check out a program I developed.

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App doesn’t open

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Get the subscription on the web page then you can open the APP with your email and password

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We are using Redwing (Centerpoint) running multiple entities and multiple owners.

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Check the web site to get set up. Once you have setup on the web page the mobile portion opens.

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Anyone using Quickbooks?

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We use Quickbooks but not for cash flow. We use it for tracking expenses and revenue so we can see at the year end how much revenue we need to defer. For cashflow, I just created my own Excel spreadsheet with monthly expenses and then I can track how much I need to sell each month to keep up with it.

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