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Rams for Rent CT $250

Wanting to expand your lamb production but don't want the hassle of keeping a ram year round? We have two nice rams available for rent to service your ewes. Their details can be seen in the attached photos. Both of these rams are a pleasure to have around. They are polite and keep their distance, super low maintenance and very healthy. I catch them up and examine them every two weeks and record their body condition, FAMACHA scores, check their hooves and they never need a single thing. They are large breeds (one Hampshire and one Hamp/Southdown cross) so they are not an appropriate choice to breed small sized ewes. Biosecurity is of my utmost priority so I will need to assess where they will be going - more details on the photos! They have had extensive screening last month and will have testing repeated during quarantine periods. They will be limited to two visits per year to limit exposure.

    Rams for Rent CT
    Rams for Rent CT
Year: 2021
Condition: New

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