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Who's coming f2f19? Who's traveling the farthest? How you getting there?

Share some pictures & stories of your trip. Alway something crazy happens when your on a trip with friends and family. How you getting to Omaha? Bus, plane, helicopter, semi or pickup. I have heard them all.

I have been to each of the f2f events since they started. I have heard some really crazy stories and challenges that people go through to get to this event. So let's hear some stories and see some pictures.

I wish you all safe travels to f2f19 everyone! This will be a great event!


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Headed to my fourth one, coming from Diller Nebraska, about 120 miles from Omaha, see you in a few hours


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Got up at 4:30 am to catch flight.


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Coming from Palmer, Alaska


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*********, Oats, Barley, Red Angus

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Wow is right *** that's a trip. What do you grow up there ***?

Daniel Zook
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Wow! Really?! What do you grow out there Ray?

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1066 miles flying out in the morning with my wife and 2 sons.... have my boys convinced they have to fill the wings of the plane with pigeo...



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Google maps says 6 hours 🤔


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Edmonton ******* flying


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Hey ****! I'm 2 hours away. How many likes for me to bring the 5 ton?


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Looks like a fun ride. I thought you would bring the Tesla

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