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What was your biggest success during this challenging year so far?

Looking for positive answers, what surprised you (in a good way). What did you do that worked that you haven’t done before?


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Trying a cover crop of cereal rye in the fall of '18 on my grain stubble. No-till planted soybeans into the rye this spring. It was the dr...



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Knee surgery. Replaced ACL best doc ever. Down for 5/7 days back up in the combine rezdy for action


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Planting notil without coulters. We replaced two 40' and one 30' planter with one 40' and one 60', both without notil coulters but with hyd...



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First year farmer. Always helped out as labor but first time with skin in the game.

Gonna sound odd but one of my biggest successes was not...



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Changing the form of nitrogen, went from all nh3, to urea ahead of planter, followed by dropping 32% down rows with sprayer, crop is dark gr...



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Seeing how all my team worked together to get things done. How everyone when the extra mile


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Same here. We got a lot of acres planted in a very short window. I’m proud of that!

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This was my first year growing conventional corn. I was pretty nervous that grass would get out of control and take over the field, but a re...



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I used Harness Xtra as the pre and generic Callisto with atrazine post. Low cost and worked great.

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What did you use for grass control??

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