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No Till beans and corn into crimped rye in Missouri or like climate

Anyone have experience and or success with this in Missouri? I've been told heat and humidity creates too much heat under the thatch.

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I have done it and it was a very successful endeavor done soybeans for 4 years this year is first year doing it with corn and we didn’t crimp it though it got wet before we could get it rolled and that corn looks phenomenal but you need to apply about 30 lbs minimum more nitrogen because rye residue uses some breaking it down

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No way the soil has more heat and humidity under roller crimped rye than without the residue. The residue has decreased soil temp by 10° Here in Indiana.

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This worked well in no till soybeans for me in north dakota. Too bad we didn;t get rain.

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I've been using covers for several years now and have seen lower soil temps where the covers are. I have placed a soil thermometer in both a cover crop field and a conventional field and seen temp differences of more than 10-15 degrees. Cover in corn is difficult to roll because the stage of maturity is not far enough along to get a good crimp. Beans are much easier to use crimping because of the state of maturity at planting. I am in southern missouri but i have seen similar results at field days in central missouri. Hope this helps.

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