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Challenger MT700

Does anyone know where a person could get a used front idler for a challenger mt765?


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They are still very good tractors. Very similar to the A and B series 700s. The main difference is the change in electronics in the cab and the remotes. The C1000 monitor is easier to operate than the MIDS in my opinion. The main difference on the C series is the remote valves are controlled with a little ECU and solenoids compared to just the solenoid on a A and B series. They go bad A LOT and th...


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Thanks the tractor has 22000 hours on it And is going to need new tracks in a couple of years So hopefully I'm going to upgrade to a C series is the reason I'm wanting to try and get used. What is your thoughts on the C series?

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No problem ***. Good luck. I work for a AGCO dealer in Iowa i can look and see if we have any used ones in stock also.

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EZ Equipment Sales


He has a 765C that had a cab fire but still a good undercarriage. He ships parts all over the country too


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I'll check into that that thanks.