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Has anyone out there used Acra-Plant V-shots to apply liquid fertilizer under the Soybean seed??

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I use the Acra-Plant V-shot on a CaseIH 1245 planter and I use it to apply 2qts of Zinc EDTA and Cell-tech in furrow and really like how it works.

I also use it to apply 2 qts of 10-34-0 and 2 qts of zinc EDTA in my corn with excellent results.

I would caution against attempting to using high rates of high salt fertilizers with this product because you are laying your seed directly into the fertilizer stream.

Capstan Ag also makes a similar product called Select Shot which might be of interest if your planter has high accuracy seed sensors to allow them to work properly

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Thank you! I will give them a look also!

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