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What is your variety and yields with F2F corn seed? Farmers only please

Also post location

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3 varieties Double Pro, 3 varieties Genuity 232 acres 239BPA. 3 F2F conventional varieties 225 acres 220 BPA. First 6 varieties needed to out yield last 3 by 25.16 BPA to cover seed cost and 29.66 to cover all cost.


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We planted the conventional numbers F2F1C-028 and F2F1C-068. Insecticide in furrow and over the top at tassels with fungicide 17 bu an acre better. yeild was 220-250 on may 6 planting,

Had 2 neighbors plant the same numbers very happy also we are all planting it again this coming season.


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I had a test plot for FBN planted May 5 north central Iowa,rotated ground, spring applied NH3

F2F1C-108A 214.49bu/a

F2F1C-068WCE 186.59bu/a

F2F1C-028A 206.47bu/a

F2F1C-128A 213.86bu/a

F2F1C-098WE 214.46bu/a

F2F1C-088A 189.72bu/a

Test plot strips where approx. 1/4 acre

Test plot results varied somewhat from whole field results.

I planted Three pro boxes of three different F2F numbers split-planter with Three Becks Numbers.

Field 1 F2F1C-088A 193.54bu/a Becks 5140xl 193.28bu/a 50acres planted 5-17

Field 2 F2F1C-088A 188bu/a Becks 5140xl 182.54bu/a 130 acres 2/3 planted 5-17 1/3 planted 6-3

Field 3 F2F1C-088A 159.19bu/a Becks 5140xl 161.37bu/a 55 acres planted 6-3

Field 4 F2F1C-098WE 172.60bu/a Becks 6225xl 194.45bu/a 136 acres planted 5-5

Field 5 F2F1C-098WE 173.28bu/a Becks 6225xl 182.13bu/a 114 acres planted 5-4

Field 6 F2F1C-108A 209.29bu/a Becks 6365xl 219.70bu/a 210 acres planted 5-4

The entire growing season was extremely wet which delayed planting and harvest.

After going to Farmer 2 farmer in Omaha and seeing the data there, along with my testing, here are my thoughts on the F2F numbers I planted.

I would be cautious about planting 098WE it as off about 20bu/a the FBN Data backs up my personal experience.

I was very happy with 108A did not yield as much as Becks 6365xl but the Becks corn was fully traited and cost 2.5x as much per acre. roi was very good on the F2F

I was also satisfied with the 088A comparable Yield with Becks 5140xl and cost of the seed was 50% less than Becks conventional corn.

I only planted 028A in the small test plot but was impressed with its yield and also with the FBN data on it.

Overall I was satisfied with the corn, the ROI was better for the F2F corn with the exception of 098WE.

I hope others give F2F a try. While traits have some value, we are being overcharged by the big seed companies for their genetics and traits.

Remember it not all about the maximum yield. It is all about Profitablity and ROI

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Thanks for the info.

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Thank you for sharing

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We had 500 ac of F2F last year planted in the 108A and the 128A. Overall our average was 180bpa on those. Best field we had cut 209 compared to our best field of Dekalb 64-32 that cut 219. We’re located in Southeast AR. Had some concerns about planting a 110 and 112 day corn in our area, we’re usually 114-120 day, but was very happy with the results especially being the first year out and the growing conditions we had last year. Will be trying some of the 129 and 139 varieties this year along with the 2 we had last year.

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