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Weaning weights

What are y’all’s average weaning weights and what kind of cattle are you running. Non creep fed or creep fed?


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We april/may ***** (northern alberta) angus X. Usually wean Oct- Nov. This year weaned Oct 15 and avg was steers 615 ******* 565. No creep....


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SWKS Gelbvieh cross with several high percentage or purebred Gelbvieh cows bred to Gelbvieh or Balancer bulls. No creep. Calves born Mid Feb...


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From the high deserts of New Mexico on native range. Crossbred cows with Angus influence. We have a target calving of last half of March thr...



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Run Angus cross cows and breed to Charolais bulls. Run cows on grass here in western Nebraska. We have pushed weaning weights to over 700 on...



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Red Angus 58 years now. No creep feed. Feed efficiency is important to our genetic improvement and net profit as well as for our customers t...



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