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Pull type Spray air Sprayers for Sale

I just purchased a Self propelled sprayer and no longer need these two sprayers .

They are 2004 models 96' wide can be narrowed to 90' or 80' by removing extensions. Or you can if needed or run at 48' with the wings folded to get into tight spots. currently set up with 5 sections and raven 450 controllers. you need to provide your own speed source ie radar or gps simulating radar. 14.9 46 tires set at 120" spacing. Not going to lie they are tired and go as a package deal. One machine has the air boom system and fan on it for fungicides. the air boom system lives on with Miller sprayers so you can get parts Wilger plumbing and 3 psi nozzle bodies are used through out. The photo is from another machine that had sold in Nebraska so I must give photo credit for the stock photo I can get you more photos upon request.

    Pull type Spray air Sprayers for Sale

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