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What is the best sprayer nozzle to use for glyphosate spray?

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I use a general air induction tip for most all herbicides. Most all labels tell you what to use. The air induction style tips don't have the drift problem. but still give you good coverage. Glyphosate pretty much fan spray i what they will most likely spec out. all depends what you are spraying , whats next to it and what you are trying to control.

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I really like the AIXR from teejet for spraying a systemic product like glyphosate. It puts out a nice visible pattern from the sprayer cab and has minimal drift. Bought a set of turbo AI and love to sell them to anyone that wants them. I sure didn't like them. Terrible coverage.

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If you’re tank mixing with other products, be sure to use a tip that will work with the tank mix partner since the partner is likely what will be killing most of the weeds. I use Turbo AI.

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teejet XR tips with lots of pressure gives the best coverage ;) Also makes lots of drift. Be careful no matter what tip you are using. I have used most teejet tips over the years. It is important to watch your pressure, as much as it is what tip you use.

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The course droplets are the best for glyphosate as they minimize the amount of smaller micron droplets that drift and cause damage to non target areas. Check out for more detailed information on optimal droplet sizes.

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I agree with *** from SK. If you ever have any question about nozzles or sprayer operations check out sprayers I have been to a few of *********’s clinics and there’s nothing he hasn’t researched about how to do a better job spraying. There’s a reason his called the “nozzle guy” and has that as a licence plate.

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I use Teejet turbo twinjet at 35 or 40 PSI with flex aim command by ***** .

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************** (AB) Air Drop Air Injection 3 gallon works great .

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Air Bubble Jet is a good all around nozzle .Good coverage and can handle some wind. Also can can go 17 MPH if need be

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I use 110 degree AIXR

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I used air bubble jet for years they worked pretty good but this tee jet air induction seems to have a courser droplet size.

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We use to use TeeJet AIXR but switched a few years ago to TeeJet turbo twinjets. I’m a fan of the dual pattern tips, regardless of brand. I want coverage and it’s either with a dual pattern or higher volume (sometimes both). Maybe I’m fooling myself but weeds still die so something is working.

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I’ve used CP Products CP65 sprayer nozzles for years excellent results. Multiple tips in one so you select the collect orifice and droplet size for the product you are spraying.

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