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As we get into harvest, what are the most interesting trial results on your farm?

A lot of us are running our own field trials on any number of products/practices, as combines roll what are some of the most surprising/interesting results? Bonus points for the best ROI.

For example this year I tried a fertigold humic/folvic dry product on spring wheat and saw a 2bu gain for a cost of ~$.50/ac.


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I have often wondered about insecticide ROI in cotton. This year I planted a 105 acres of DPL 1646. From time of planting and all thru in se...


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WE have had a couple things show up this year. 1st- because of the early freeze up last fall and the late wet spring we had, we ended up no-...


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Fall and spring tillage differences.

Fall - chisel plowed versus salford coulters. We only ran the salford coulter machine on all our be...



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On our farm, in South-Central IL, the strongest correlation is between tillage speed and yield.

This translates to the ground being just a ...


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