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What is the going rate on hauling fees?

I did some custom harvesting and hauling this year and looking for a price to charge for my hauling. It was 11 miles one way to elevator.


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The hay haulers get $4 a mile

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Our local elevator which is a 25 mile haul charges .20 per bushel.

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$.004 a mile per bushel

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35 cents/bu. 120 miles one way.

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100.00 per hour . Including truck trailer and driver


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Had a local hauler offer to help haul ours from our grain bins to town elevator (12 miles) 12-14 cents. We’re on a paved road and we can load a truck in 3 minutes, so he knows it’s going to be fast turn around.

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$.27/bushel for 54 miles to Kansas City.

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We charge $85 an hour. As long as we keep moving it’s good for both. But when you sit in line at the elevator for 3-4 hours we’re not loosing money. Last year we encountered lines and only got 3 loads in. Lost big time. Farmers understand and we have cut breaks if cost per load was too high as long as we still covered our costs


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A dime to.15 seems fair.


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I charge our neighbor 15 cents a bushel haul 10 miles one way, think custom guy around me charges 25 cents.

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We have paid anywhere from $0.20 to $0.33 a bushel to have our corn hauled as little as 10 miles to as much as 40 miles from our farm.

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I do quite a bit of hauling off the combine for custom operators, 20 cents a bushel, maybe 15 cents if I can clip along , and no waiting.

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