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What kind of shoes survive the farm life?

I used to wear exclusively running shoes, however after returning to the family farm 7 years ago I quickly realized I would burn through a pair in 2-3 weeks the bottoms would fall off from being on my feet all day and due to the uneven loose surfaces Id be walking on. Since then Ive began wearing hiking shoes which last quote a bit better. Merrells Moab ventilators, keens targii, etc. I get 3-4 months out of these. But I'd like something that's last a bit longer, but still be comfortable while being on my feet all day.

What works for you?

I prefer low cut over mid or tall boots.


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Since posting this I've purchased a pair of oboz firebrand ii. I'm on month 5 and they're still going strong. I'm a lifelong convert I'd they keep this up.

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Ecco and I will also put a redwing insole in them and they last

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I started wearing Ariats in warm months. I wear orthodics for flat feet so I can walk a soft soled shoe or boot right off the outside edge in a matter of weeks. Years ago I bought a pair of Justin boots, threw them away in 3 weeks cause I had walked them right off the edge. I was told the Ariats are a carbon fiber sole. They stay square, I usually get a couple years out of them. I think the last t...


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I wear some Justin's Stampede from academy sports. Usually 100 a pair. Also swap out to let dry out sometimes. Usually buy new pair every year for good boots to wear out with wife. Just turn them into work boots when get the new ones. Will last more than a year. Worn everyday.

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My son introduced me to Blundstone boots from Australia. You can buy online. They are very rugged. I've been satisfied with everything from purchasing to wearing the boots themselves.

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I buy Reebok military style boots. Fairly light with a composite toe and they have a side zip so very easy on and off.

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Keens or Danners are what I wear and like. My brother prefers Redwings. Either way all these companies have gone to multiple lines with different qualities. You pretty much have to pay around 175 to 200 to get a boot that will last in my experience. The other thing is buy towo pairs and swap them every other day so they dry out.


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I've tried the KEEN *********** and they laster 3+4 momthsm retails around $150 but can be found on sale for 80-100.

Is their a specific line you've had better luck with?

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Nicks Boots. Hand made with great arch support. Excellent quality. I have a pair going on 3 years. Wear them 12 hours a day, 6 days a week and my feet never feel sore or tired. They are fully rebuildable.


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Those better last forever for $500-600/pair!

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check out timberline pro anti fatigue i like them


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