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Biggest Change On Farm in 2020? - Poll Results: 12/9/2019

Thanks to the FBN members from 4 Canadian provinces and 39 U.S. states who responded to this poll!

The rainy weather in 2019 has quite a few members considering upgrading to faster planters, buying shorter relative maturities, and increasing their prevent plant insurance coverage.

For many members, no-till and strip-till trials are on deck for 2020.

With commodity crop prices where they are today, members reported a need to reduce overall input costs in 2020. Quite a few members also reported that they will be growing conventional crops for the first time or scaling up their conventional production, with a decent sized group saying that they plan to test out completely new crops such as peas, flax, rye and barley to diversity their operations.

Other notable responses included: an interest in testing biological products, labor force changes, an increased focus on getting the most ROI out of fertilizer applications via in-furrow and more strip-trials, and managing their own spraying applications.

What big project or change are you working on for 2020?

Biggest Change On Farm in 2020? - Poll Results: 12/9/2019
Biggest Change On Farm in 2020? - Poll Results: 12/9/2019
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