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I'm thinking about trading for a used Drago corn head. Any suggestions on what to look for.

What are the pros and cons of these heads and is there anything I should know before trading.


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We had a Drago folding series 2. To say we were disappointed with it is a huge understatement. An ear would get caught at front of stripper plates, & 1/3 of the time reversing the head would not get them out. Not fun have to get out of combine a bunch of times each day to remove an ear of corn. Ran the head 2 years & got $70,000 less than we paid for it. Plus all the repairs & down time.

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I have really good luck with my Drago. They run forever. In my experience once they need a rebuild they’re pricey. They might run three times as many acres but the parts cost three times as much. Our other heads are case.


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When you talk parts, are you talking about stripper plates, rolls and chains?