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Crop dividers for self propelled sprayer (case 4430), are they worth having?

I'm curious if these work, we have had a pair on our top air 2400, but didn't help as tractor ran over crop before sprayer. I would like to use in wheat and soybeans, I am wondering if they are worth the cost, and is any certain brand that is better then others?


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I used them last year for the first time and was happy.

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We like ours. We’ve had them for ~5 seasons now. 24” rows in the wheel track on this attached video. The rest of our rows are 20”. We use them on wheat also.

I won’t let me download the video. I can send directly to you if interested. My cell is ************

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I have a set (tridikon brand I think) for my 4720, I really like them for taller beans. Can’t even see a sprayer track in 5’ tall beans. Can have issues with shorter bushier varieties being pulled down even with the dividers on, but I run 22” rows most of the time. Only ever had an issue with one field being too short to work well.

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We have a set which we aren't using anymore, we went to helicopter for our foliar and its done in hours. ************

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