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What works best to keep your battery from going dead in the winter?

It seems like in the winter every time I try to start one of my trucks, tractors or combine the battery is dead was wondering if anyone had any experience with battery maintainers or is it best just to put a battery disconnect on?


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I take my batteries out of my combine and keep them in a heated store room and charge them somewhere in between uses. Heavy duty disconnects aren't cheap, removing is pretty much free, and if a battery goes dead in my cold shed when I am not paying attention, it is more than likely junk, if it loses its charge in a warm store room it still has a chance.

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We have put battery disconnects in our equipment that don’t already have them. Seems to work great. Pretty cheap in line switch from most any auto parts stores. I think they are 200 amp rated disconnect switches.


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I’ve found as long as my batteries are charged and have the negative post disconnected somehow, I usually don’t have an issue