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Sprayer/Tender trailer setups

Anyone custom make an auto batch system using their Venturi or inductor before? Wanting to build my own batching system or even just a loading system that’s makes loading faster, was wondering if anyone had any examples or advice/ideas


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I bought 2 sets of scales and made platforms that hold 2 chemical totes a piece.i then use the venturi to suck directly out of the tote using the scale to measure amount. I set up the scale for $1,000 each which was cheaper then meters and should be more accurate. Normally when I put on a new tote I 0 the scale so I know it's close. From the time I get out of the sprayer to back in in under 8 mins...



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I’ve got a neighbor that has water line coming out the tank towards the pump. Along that line he has valves teed in with flow meters behind them between the valves and shuttles. Valves work like a Venturi, he claims he can load 1200gal sprayer in under 10min. If no jugs are needed. Jugs slow it down as he uses his sprayer eductor. I questioned the meter calibration holding and he said he’s not wor...



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We also have a Batchboy and it’s some of the best money we’ve spent. Load times are improved 50 percent. No meters to calibrate very accurate simple and easy to use

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We have moved to making more single batch hot loads all mixed up. And haul out to sprayer. If you have good help around, It sure keeps the sprayer moving. All our fields are not far from the mix area, though.


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