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Has anyone ever asked for landowners, who rent their land out, to pay for tiling on their land?


Verified FBN Member (MN)

We have had many landowners pay half the cost of tile installation over the years. Some wanted a written agreement for reduced rent or not r...


Verified FBN Member (OH)

A couple years ago I purchased a farm right next to a farm I rent. All the water flow was in the direction of the new farm so asked the land...


Verified FBN Member (TN)

We don’t do any tiling in W TN but when we put up a pivot on rented land the landlord pays for the well and we pay for the pivot with a 10 y...


Verified FBN Member (IA)

Landowners should typically pay for the tiling unless there was a different agreement/arrangement in the lease. The agreement could be worke...


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