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What’s your dry land corn herbicide program?

I’ve been going with a pint of dicamba and a pound of atrazine and roundup in March then coming back post with acuron. Works good just expensive for dry land in my area. Any ideas on a cheaper yet effective program?

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Not really sure what kind of weeds you are dealing with. I have been doing 10oz of 2,4-D ester and roundup for burn down and post a lb of atrazine, roundup, medal II Ec, and I add dicamba if I see tuff perennials coming back if I don’t then I leave the dicamba out. Your could also add Callisto and make your own generic lumax. Acuron is just lumax with one more new active ingredient that I’m not really sure is necessary.

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+1. Generic meso is cheap and you could add in metolachlor/acetochlor for another cheap residual mode.

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The answer for your farm really depends on a lot of variables. Free consultation available with an FBN Senior Agronomist to discuss details pertinent to your fields. Just call or text to ************ with your question. We have people based in Nebraska with over 40 years of experience. Other states are covered as well.

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