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Will Beyond herbicide damage tillage radishes?

I sprayed my clearfield wheat with beyond early this year. I was considering drilling radishes here in a week or so and wasnt sure if the beyond would still hurt my stand or stunt growth? Any experience would be greatly appreciated. Central Kansas

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Beyond's label doesn't specify tillage radish as a rotational crop, but other tuber crops including turnips require a 9 month plant-back interval in your area. To avoid issues, you need to take care aligning cover crop seeding to the spring Beyond app. Beyond does have 2 rotational restriction regions (see image) - central Kansas is in 'Region 2' which carries the 9 month plant-back interval. For Region 1, the plant-back interval is 18 months.

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Labels are for lawyers....plant em and don't look at it for 3 weeks.

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