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Plastic seed metering disc 1200 and other model case IH planters

Looking to replace plastic seed metering disc on my case IH planter. Soybean and corn plates I run a 48 cell corn plate and got a 100 cell soybean plates but getting worn pretty bad. Do any of you know wear I could find them aftermarket or what are you paying at case IH for them would like to try 130 cell soybeans plates .. thank in advance


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I don't know about aftermarket discs but I would recommend having your covers machined down. It made a big difference on my new meters. L...


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We have always used 130 hole bean discs! We always buy new corn discs every year! Theres wear indicators on the discs!


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Yes mine have got pretty good groves in them .. do you have any problem with the 130 cell not selling if the soybean seed is big .. I was ge...


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