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Any word on the Farmer2Farmer conference??

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You mean they get some agriculture Rockstar's to pump you up and then make you feel good about buying all your goods from a vendor that thinks China's ok? and with this said, do you think this company would vote for a Government that wants to restrict China in the trade department or have a Government that believes everything is fine and business as usual. Oz is not what you think. The money they have behind them and the agenda of that are not in our benefit as farmers?

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All chemical companies think China is okay if you don’t think they all get some A.I. From China your a fool and you probably think Bayer rewards save you money too

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I don’t know what agriculture rock stars you are talking about, I don’t know of any. And if China stops buying our agricultural products, we can all go to Walmart looking for a job. It is like all the idiots who want to cut California off from the US. California is the fifth largest economy in the world, and if the are gone most the agriculture states in this county will be bankrupt because all the government money farmers receive will be gone. Think about it!

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Pretty sure it’s not happening this year

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Unfortunately it's not happening this year. But we're working on bringing it back bigger and better for December 2022. In the meantime, we will be having smaller local events in the winter hosted by FBN Community Builders, stay tuned for updates.

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