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Lack of recycling at Farmer 2 Farmer

It would be great if there were options for recycling at the conference. Could this be added for future F2F meetings?

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Thanks for the feedback. We'll submit the request to the CHI Center.

Verified FBN Member (MN)

I would agree. more recycling is needed everywhere.

Verified FBN Member (MT)

I noticed recycle containers next to most garbage containers. They did look the same except the recycle sign on them. Any advice on how to improve from that?

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2 yrs. ago I asked a worker about recycling at the conference. He assured me they go through the trash and recycle. However we could help alleviate some of their load.

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I'm not sure how much, other than aluminum, is economically recyclable (at least where I live). If it's a net cost to recycle, it can actually increase one's environmental footprint. Best to reduce / reuse.

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